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As of: 12/16/2014 09:58PM
For more information, please contact
UCPB Trust Banking Group:
(02) 811-9214, 811-9520 or 811-9522
Unit Investment Trust Funds

Invest your funds on a choice of different UITF products that satisfy your risk appetite.
New to Trust Investments?
Plan well, save regularly, invest wisely.
Choose from the complete line of UCBP UITFs products to satisfy your investment appetite:

Product UCPB Cash Management Fund (UCMF) UCPB Peso Bond Fund (UPBF) UCPB Balanced Fund (UBF) UCPB High Dividend Fund (UHDF) UCPB Equity Fund (UEF) UCPB US$ Money Market Fund (US$MMF)
Base Currency Philippine Peso US Dollar
Risk Appetite Conservative Moderate Aggresive Conservative
Fund Type Money Market Fund Bond Fund Balanced Fund Equity Fund Money Market Fund
Underlying Investments Time Deposits and BSP-Special Deposit Accounts Time Deposits, BSP-Special Deposit Accounts, Government Securities and Listed Corporate Bonds Fixed Income Securities and Equities (Stock Market) Time Deposits, Peso Dividend Paying Common and Preferred Shares Equities (Stock Market) and Time Deposits US$ Denominated Time Deposits
Minimum Initial Investments P10,000.00 $1,000.00
Minimum Additional participation P5,000.00 (additional investments on top of P5,000.00 should be in increments of P1,000.00) $500.00 (additional investments on top of $500.00 should be in increments of $100.00)
Trust Fee 0.25% p.a 1.00% p.a 1.75% p.a 1.5% p.a 1.75% p.a 0.25% p.a
Minimum Holding Period 30 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee 5% of amount redeemed
Valuation Straight Line Accrual Basis Marked to Market Daily Straight Line Accrual Basis
Cut-off Time for Contributions/ Withdrawals 1:30 PM Daily

Check the superior returns provided by UCPB Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) over the past five years:

Type of UITF Last 5 years
Last 3 years
2012 (p.a.) Year on Year
As of 10-25-13
Year to Year
As of 10-25-13
UCPB Equity Fund (UEF) 31.30% 16.90% 25.20% 16.30% 10.50%
UCPB Balanced Fund (UBF) 20.50% 13.80% 17.40% 14.70% 10.40%
UCPB Peso Bond Fund (UPBF) 6.60% 8.60% 5.20% 14.40% 11.90%
UCPB Cash Management Fund (UCMF) 2.50% 2.20% 2.40% 1.40% 1.00%
UCPB US$ Money Market Fund (US$MMF) 1.50% 0.70% 0.60% 0.70% 0.50%
**** Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

For more information, please inquire through our Branch Officers,
email or visit

UITFs are not deposit accounts or an obligation of, or guaranteed, or insured by UCPB Acting Through Its Trust Banking Group (UCPB TBG) or its affiliates or subsidiaries. Due to the nature of the underlying investment(s), yields and potential yields cannot be guaranteed. Any loss/income arising from market fluctuations and price volatility, even if invested in Government Securities, is for the account of the client. As such, when redemptions are made, the value of said redemption of the client may be worth more or be worth less than the initial investment/participation(s). Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of similar future results. It is further understood that UITFs are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and that losses, if any, shall be for the account of the client who shall have no right of recourse against UCPB TBG, unless attributable to UCPB TBG's act of gross negligence, willful default, or evident bad faith. Prior to investing in any of the UITFs, a client suitability assessment shall be conducted by a certified UITF marketing personnel. It is likewise advised that the client review the Plan Rules/Declaration of Trust prior to investment. The Plan Rules / Declaration of Trust is available upon request from UCPB TBG or any UCPB branch.

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Attention: Local Holidays

Please be informed of the following local holidays and the branches that will be closed:

  • Thursday, December 18, 2014: Iznart, Mabini and Jaro Branches (Birth Anniversary of Graciano Lopez Jaena)
  • Thursday, December 18, 2014: Tuguegarao Branch (Charter Day Anniversary)
  • Friday, December 19, 2014: Iligan Branch (Shariff Kabungsuan Day)

Our ATMs and other electronic banking channels are available for you.


UCPB Shaw-Escriva Drive is now open to serve you!

Visit us at our new branch along Shaw Boulevard, in between San Miguel Avenue and Escriva Drive. It is located at the Ground Floor of Tune Hotel.

Please call (02) 633-9276, 633-9277 or 633-9278 for more details.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Scam

Please be informed of a scam being perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals to victimize the public wherein a letter supposedly from BSP is sent to certain individuals.

Kindly click here for more information

UCPB ATM in Fisher Mall now Online

For your ATM needs, you may visit the UCPB ATM located at the Upper Ground Floor of Fisher Mall in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. This is beside the food court.

Attention: EASYTRIP Payors (ECTAG)

Please be advised that we are temporarily suspending EasyTrip loading until further notice.

Thank you very much.

Attention: All Meralco Subscribers

For Meralco subscribers who have received the new electric bill, please replace the previously enrolled SIN with the first 11 digits of the ATM/Phone Reference No. when paying through the UCPB ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Telebanking facilities.

Please click here for more information

Attention: UCPB Accountholders

Please be advised that there will be an update in the charges for selected services and transactions.

Please click here for more information.

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